A Love Story and Baby makes Three

Photographs are one's legacy. They connect us to our past. They remind us of people, places, and the stories of our lives. They help us to know who we are. One of the greatest joys of being a photographer is creating images that will become family heirlooms.  

We have been honored to be part of Alex and Eddie's incredible story. From their engagement session at BB&T ballpark in Charlotte, to their Wedding Day at the Holiday Inn Charlotte. And more recently, to their maternity and newborn photo session. We asked Alex and Eddie to share some details about how they met, their engagement and the decision to start a family. Let the adventure begin!

Alex and Eddie have known each other for seventeen years. They grew up as next door neighbors when Eddie was 11 and Alex was 8. Their friendship grew as they spent afternoons playing basketball, swimming and roaming around the neighborhood. Eventually in high school they became a couple around 2008. They attended the usual school dances, proms and just enjoyed hanging out. After high school they took a four year relationship pause. This hiatus gave them time to grow, and find themselves as individuals. During that time apart they realized they were destined to be together.  

We all love engagement stories. So how, and where did the engagement take place? In Eddie's living room. The backstory makes it more meaningful. 
 Eddie loves baseball and is an avid baseball card collector. Alex enjoyed watching Eddie's games as a kid and teenager. She soon shared his love of the sport. Alex and Eddie spent countless hours organizing the card collection handed down from Eddie's father. They started adding to the collection as well. The baseball cards were also a distraction to the grief of losing her father. 
It gave Alex a sense of peace. 
In January 2015, Eddie had a baseball card made with Alex's picture on it. It was bordered with her favorite flower, the tiger lily. He placed the card in the collection book. On the back of the card Eddie wrote what Alex meant to him. Alex paged through the book and discovered the card. By the time she read the final line, Eddie was on his bended knee proposing to her.

Alex and Eddie had been married for three years before deciding to start a family. They completed their educational goals and decided they were ready. Alex came home from work one day and surprised him with a riddle announcing she was pregnant. They were excited. This was January 2020 and the start of the pandemic. Alex and Eddie are both front-line workers. Needless to say, it was a stressful year.

Edward Anthony IV was welcomed to the world on September 21st at 3:03 am. All the stress of the year was lifted off their shoulders. 

They said seeing their son for the first time was a "surreal experience" and something you will never forget.
It was important to continue the patronym. Since there are five other "Eds" or "Eddies" in the family, their son will be known by his middle name, Anthony.
Parenthood has been an adjustment for Alex and Eddie. They are both exhausted from time to time, just balancing life. And, very grateful to have brought a healthy and beautiful baby boy into this world. They find it to be the most rewarding experience they have shared. The baseball theme continues with baby Anthony.
Their dream is to attend a Yankee game in every MLB stadium.

Alex and Eddie are looking forward to teaching Anthony their unique story, so that he can create his own one day. We are thrilled for them. The joy and love that Anthony has brought into their lives is beyond measure. Thank you Alex and Eddie for sharing your story. Wishing you many happy and wonder-filled times ahead.


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