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Fall Bridal Makeup Trends 2019

The 2019 Fall Bridal Makeup trends are about glamming it up. It's about bold eyes... and yes, that means black eyeliner and wispy lashes. The focus is on the lashes and liner, not the shadow. Lining a bit thicker on the top lashes will do the trick. And adding a softer liner, on the bottom outer corner of the eye, will give it a smokey look. You want to keep the under eye area clean and bright. Completely lining the bottom lashes may create dark shadows under the eyes in photographs. Remember, the key to pulling off this look is a nude or soft lid. To complement the bold eyes, keep the lips and cheeks soft. It's all about balance.

Another trend works the opposite way. Vampy bold lips and soft eyes. Think bordeaux or cherry colored lips with a natural or nude eye. With a statement lip, be sure to keep your eyes light and minimal. A soft eye liner with a coat or two of mascara.
If you've never worn dark lipstick before, don't wear it on your wedding day.
Best advice...choos…