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What are the Key Wedding Moments for Photography?

There are many special moments at a wedding between the Bride and Groom, as well as family and friends.
 A professional Wedding Photographer will have a shot list of key moments to capture. These are the photos that tell the story of your Wedding Day. It's important to speak with your photographer ahead of time though. Let him know of any special shots you want. Do you want "first look" photos? Not all couples choose to. Are you wearing something special, like a family heirloom necklace? Did a close friend or relative make something special? Do you want photos of specific groups of friends like college pals. These shots will take take time.

By knowing ahead of time, the photographer will determine how much time he'll need. You may want to consider two photographers depending on the size of the wedding.Two photographers can photograph separate special moments at the same time.

You don't want your Wedding Day photo sessions to be hectic. It's important to have you…

Thinking about Drone Videography and Photography for your Wedding? Is it worth the extra cost?

Drone videography and photography are becoming more popular at weddings. They do take spectacular aerial photos and videos. You might be considering hiring one for your wedding, but asking yourself if it's worth the extra cost?

Most couples hire a professional photographer for their wedding day. And often a professional videographer. He'll capture special moments and memories live on film.

We believe it's worth it to add a drone, especially if you're having an outdoor ceremony. Aerial video and photos take your wedding day to new heights, with a grand and unique perspective of your wedding location. They go above and beyond what a photographer or videographer can capture on the ground. You'll  get a bird-eye view of your aisle walk and ceremony, and sweeping views of your venue.

After the ceremony, a drone can capture aerial views of the newlyweds and bridal party creating special and unique memories.

If you decide to go with a drone, make sure you hire a professional …