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Three Reasons why Family Portraits are so Important.

Family is such an important part of life. It may be THE most important aspect of your life. Creating memories together as a family is something to be proud of. 
We all take pictures on our smartphones. As much as we love our family photo snaps, it's no comparison to the look and feel of a professional image. Gone are the days of the stiff and staged family portrait. Our professional family photo session brings your family together in a fun and relaxed way. It reminds you of the love for one another. 

Here are three reason why:

1. It documents change. It's no secret that the years pass quickly. As an adult, you might feel more or less the same. However, children are changing on a daily basis. Before you know it, they're packing up and off to college.

2. It's special. When it comes to love of your family nothing is more important than the bond you share with one another. Smiles and laughter will fill your hearts. It captures your family's personality, including individua…

Seven Tips on Choosing Getting-Ready Bridesmaids Robes

Some of the most cherished photos on your wedding day will be of you and your bridesmaids getting ready. It's the time to show them how much you appreciate them. Imagine sipping champagne in a set of elegant matching silk or satin robes. Your besties will feel so special. It makes for a great classic robe shot. You'll look gorgeous standing, sitting on a couch or propped up on a bed. They make a great bridesmaid gift especially if comfy and chic. Getting ready on the big day is even more memorable.

Tips on Choosing Bridesmaids Robes:
1. Style. Choose one that reflects your personality. Do you prefer a spa, wrap or a kimono robe? Perhaps you prefer an oversize shirt. Comfort is most important over style.
2. Cost. You can spend as little as $25 and as much as $150 depending on the fabric. Allow quality and comfort to guide you.
3. Color and Pattern. Mix and match colors and patterns to complement your wedding palette. It's practical to choose something they can wear again. Choos…