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3 Reasons Why To Invest in a Wedding Album

You made a huge investment in your wedding day. It took months to plan. You're back from your honeymoon and can't wait to see your photos. They are on a digital download for your review. They are a wonderful blur of events. As weeks, months and years go by you try to recall your special day among new memories. So on your wedding anniversary you cuddle up and look through your wedding album. Except, you don't have one. That's the number one reason why you should.

1. Preserves your memories

You hired a professional photographer to capture the key moments of your wedding. So why not invest in preserving those memories. We live in an age where almost everything is on a screen. How often will you go back to your digital images on your computer or phone? Your wedding photos deserve more than to collect dust in a computer or live in a cloud. You want something tangible. Something physical to feel or touch. You will flip through your album often. Especially if displayed and show…