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A Wedding at The Peninsula Club, Cornelius, NC. Let Nature be your Decor.

There is something so romantic about a waterfront wedding ceremony. The beauty of a serene and peaceful lake is special and memorable. When planning your decor, use the scenery and the natural landscape to your decorating advantage. Take the less-is-more approach. Let nature be your decor. 

This elegant and sophisticated wedding took place at The Peninsula Club in Cornelius, just north of Charlotte, NC. The outdoor ceremony overlooked the golf course greens and water feature. After Christine and Brian exchanged vows, they took their first photos as a married couple. The lush grounds and picturesque shores of Lake Norman was the perfect backdrop. The reception was held in the Lakeside Room with panoramic views of the lake. It was an intimate celebration with family and close friends.

What to do if it rains on your outdoor Wedding Day?

What's a Bride's number one fear about Planning an Outdoor Wedding? If you said rain, you are correct. So always have a backup plan with your Wedding Venue. Whether it's an indoor room, covered outdoor area or last minute tent set up. You don't want to be stressed because the day cannot go on as planned.

They do say rain is good luck on your Wedding Day. A knot that gets wet, is very difficult to untie. So, if it rains on the day you "tie the knot", it will be just as hard to undo. Plus, there's not much you can do about it. The weather is out of your hands. So embrace it. In the grand scheme of life it's not that tragic.

 Besides, misty and soft light make for dreamy and romantic photos. It's also a relief from bright sun and heat. Rain will cool the weather down. Your guests won't get overheated, and your wedding flowers won't wilt. And there is the possibility of a rainbow! Another sign of good luck.

Erin and James chose The Brawley Estate…

What's the difference between Traditional and Photojournalistic Wedding Photography?

There are basically two styles of Wedding Photography - photojournalistic and traditional. The traditional style has been practiced for decades. They are usually classic portrait style, and posed photographs. They include group shots of the bride and groom with the wedding party, and various family members and friends. They are timeless.

The photojournalistic style captures the action, true emotion and expressions as they unfold. They are candid. Often people are unaware they are being photographed. 
So which style is best? Choose a photographer who recognizes the value of both styles. That way you avoid the disappointment that many couples feel months later. They didn't get a photo with a favorite aunt or uncle.
A professional wedding photographer will put together a list of key shots. The photos that tell the story of the day. It's up to you and the groom to think about those extra shots you might want to add. Create a wedding photo checklist and give it to the photographer bef…

Must-Have Detail Photos of your Wedding Day

You spend months planning your wedding day. You start with the date and venue choice. Next, it's invitations, table settings, bouquets and centerpieces. The list goes on. Your plans often include little details as well. No two weddings are ever the same. It's all the details that make them one of a kind.
Every professional wedding photographer has a shot list of must-have photos. The day comes and goes so quickly. Depending on the timeline, it can become stressful for you, and your photographer. Sometimes the meaningful detail shots are overlooked if there is not enough time.
It's important to plan your wedding day timeline with the photographer. Sometimes adding on an extra hour will make all the difference.You want the details of your gown, shoes and ring.
Accessories often have emotional significance. The bride may be wearing her grandmother's bracelet. The groom has on his father's watch. There are many more. The table centerpieces and place settings. Calligraphy …