What's the difference between Traditional and Photojournalistic Wedding Photography?

There are basically two styles of Wedding Photography - photojournalistic and traditional. The traditional style has been practiced for decades. They are usually classic portrait style, and posed photographs. They include group shots of the bride and groom with the wedding party, and various family members and friends. They are timeless.

The photojournalistic style captures the action, true emotion and expressions as they unfold. They are candid. Often people are unaware they are being photographed. 

So which style is best? Choose a photographer who recognizes the value of both styles. That way you avoid the disappointment that many couples feel months later. They didn't get a photo with a favorite aunt or uncle.

A professional wedding photographer will put together a list of key shots. The photos that tell the story of the day. It's up to you and the groom to think about those extra shots you might want to add. Create a wedding photo checklist and give it to the photographer beforehand. Give a copy of your checklist to the maid of honor as well. She can organize the people in the specific group shots. There is usually one hour in between the ceremony and the reception. Plan out the portrait timing so it goes smoothly and makes the most of that hour. You may want to consider hiring two photographers if you're on a tight timeline.


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