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How many photos do you get from a Wedding Photographer?

This is a question that every couple should ask. The more important factor to consider though, is quality not quantity. Anyone with a camera can take lots of pictures. What you want are great images that are well-composed and professionally edited. Amazing photos that capture the emotion of your wedding day. 

A professional and experienced Wedding Photographer should take 100-150 shots per hour. The number of photos also depends on the number of hours booked and if there is a second shooter. Two photographers will capture the same moment at different angles. An example is the bride's aisle walk. It's a key wedding moment. One photographer will focus on the groom's expression as he sees his bride for the first time. While another photographer will focus on the bride as she walks toward the groom. There will be multiple shots capturing different moments and expressions.

Getting-ready shots are a lot of fun. Sometimes it's the only down time a bride and groom will have befo…

Tips on how to book a Wedding Videographer

There is so much to take in on your Wedding Day. It goes by quickly. You won't be able to see or hear everything. Your wedding photos will give you images of moments in time. A Wedding Video will capture those moments with emotion, movement and sound. 
Our Number 1 Tip is to hire an experienced Wedding Videographer.

One that will capture all the key moments and more. A professional will skillfully move around and film more than a record of the day. He'll recognize special candid moments, picturesque backdrops and flattering light.  You want someone with a calming personality than can handle any situation. It's a long and emotional day. Make sure the film style is one that you're comfortable with. Watch sample videos and short highlight films. Video editing and post production is a fine art. It can easily become overwhelming if you're not a pro.
Good storytelling and professional editing equipment are key to a great wedding video.
Wedding Video packages are priced by ho…