What to do if it rains on your outdoor Wedding Day?

What's a Bride's number one fear about Planning an Outdoor Wedding? If you said rain, you are correct. So always have a backup plan with your Wedding Venue. Whether it's an indoor room, covered outdoor area or last minute tent set up. You don't want to be stressed because the day cannot go on as planned.

They do say rain is good luck on your Wedding Day. A knot that gets wet, is very difficult to untie. So, if it rains on the day you "tie the knot", it will be just as hard to undo. Plus, there's not much you can do about it. The weather is out of your hands. So embrace it. In the grand scheme of life it's not that tragic.

 Besides, misty and soft light make for dreamy and romantic photos. It's also a relief from bright sun and heat. Rain will cool the weather down. Your guests won't get overheated, and your wedding flowers won't wilt. And there is the possibility of a rainbow! Another sign of good luck.

Erin and James chose The Brawley Estate as their wedding venue. The private and gated venue is in the heart of Mooresville, NC. Situated on twenty two beautiful acres, it features several outdoor ceremony sites. Because of rain, the outdoor ceremony didn't go as Erin and James planned. But at the end of the day you're marrying your true love - rain or shine.
The venue was ready and set up for the backup plan. They moved the ceremony into the reception pavilion. Everyone was all smiles. A little rain didn't dampen the spirits of this charming southern inspired wedding.

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