Should I Cover my Tattoos on my Wedding Day?

Tattoos seem to be everywhere these days. It's hard to find a modern pop star without one. Social acceptance has grown, and body art has become a form of self-expression. So it's not unusual for today's modern bride to find herself standing in front of a mirror in a Bridal Salon asking herself...should I cover my tattoos? or some? Or, I love them, so why not flaunt them. Tattoos are a work of art after all. 

You may have a favorite aunt who is telling you that your tattoos will take away from your Wedding Gown and Bridal Bouquet. Or you'll look less elegant. Well think about this. Whether it's a petite design or a sleeve of artwork, tattoos really pop with a white Wedding Gown. And who's to say that flowers always have to be the centerpiece. 

These two bold Brides embraced their ink. They chose strapless styles to show off their body art on their arms and chest. The silhouette of the gowns are unfussy and feminine. The first Bride wears her long hair down covering her back art. The mid-length Tulle Veil softens the arm sleeves and outlines the upper body for a flattering silhouette. The Bridal Bouquet becomes the focus for the Wedding Ceremony.

Some Brides choose Wedding Gowns with a covered back, or long lace sleeves depending on what they want showing. Or wear a pretty bolero for the Ceremony and take it off at the Reception. This Bride didn't want to cover up her body art  totally, and didn't want it on full display. She chose sheer lace detailing on the back and front of her gown to create a soft distraction of her art. The artwork on her forearm is visible where her three quarter length sleeve stops. It makes a nice accessory, complemented by a simple bracelet.

The feminine and chic updo reveals a small image behind her ear. Classic pearl earrings are the finishing touch.

If you decide to totally cover up your tattoos, have a professional makeup artist assist you. You want to use a long lasting, water-resistant and fade-proof product like Dermablend. The trick is keeping the makeup on the tattoo and not on the surrounding skin. The makeup shouldn't move and needs to be set. You also might consider cover up makeup for the Wedding Ceremony and removing it at the Reception. Perspiring while dancing may cause it to smudge. 
There is also an alternative product by Hyde, Inc. They offer Tattoos Covers available in different skin tones.

Whatever you do, remember, it's your Wedding Day. It's your decision. If you love your tattoos, flaunt them. As you're trying on Wedding Gowns, look for styles that help show off your body art. An open back style will highlight art between your shoulder blades. And a strapless design will feature your arms, back and chest. There are many options. Whatever you choose, it's all about you. That's what shopping for a Wedding Gown is all about.

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